13/2/2012 07:47

National Police Headquarters

The Israel Police is headed by the Inspector General. The National Headquarters are located in Jerusalem, assigned to assist the Inspector General in formulating policy, allocating resources, developing relations with external agencies, providing professional guidance, promoting research and development, providing management services like computerization, and public relations.

The National Headquarters has eight divisions:  

Policing and Security 
Investigations and the war on crime 
Community and Civilian Guard 
Planning and Organization 
Support and Logistics 
Human Resources

Israel Police Districts

The Israel Police has six territorial districts: Northern, Central, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Southern and Judea and Samaria.

The Ministry of Public Security

The Ministry of Public Security supervises the Israel Police, the Israel Prison Service, and the Israel Fire and Rescue Services. The Ministry's functions are to formulate public security policy, determine and monitor the allocation of resources, initiate projects, work with other Ministries, and more.

Civil Guard and Community Policing

The Civil Guard is a unique Israeli phenomenon, which stems from the reality here in Israel. The Civil Guard was established in 1974 following a number of severe terrorist attacks that occurred that year. Today, the Civil Guard in the largest volunteer body in Israel, with some 100,000 participants.